Haunting Past

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Being a kid during the 16-bit rivalry between Nintendo and Sega was rough. You didn’t have money of your own, and most parents weren’t willing or couldn’t afford to buy multiple systems, so you could get one at most for Christmas if you begged and pleaded enough. The problem was that no matter what, the grass would look greener on the other side with all the marketing Nintendo and Sega threw at us. All of the important discussions my friends and I had about the Genesis and Super Nintendo are still pretty fresh in my head after all these years.


Loyalty Rewards

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88_dxp_mscEverytime I get a new Nintendo system at launch I’m so excited. I get the one game I want (assuming there is one at launch) and play it to death and then set the system aside until the bulk of games start coming out months later.

And then, THEN Nintendo readjusts pricing, they release upgrades systems (3DSXL for example), they do game bundles, they put art on the systems and controllers. All to sell more after the launch rush has ended I presume. And it brings tears to my eyes, I never learn…

I’m a huge Zelda fan (could you tell?) so seeing the WiiU WindWaker branded system, and the gold and black 3DS XL system for A link Between Worlds. It really hits me hard.. I think Nintendo should reward their loyal customers who are there day 1 to support them by buying their half finished systems. Give me a coupon to get a game that I want in the future (no not a couple downloadable eshop games that I don’t choose), give me free stickers to decorate my systems so I can feel the thrill of a gold triforce system (poorman style), give me Tingle-branded tissue for my tears. SOMETHING!

And to be fair to Nintendo, I know Microsoft and Sony both do these types of things. I’m just a Nintendo fanboy so it hits me the hardest coming from them.


Another Regret

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I loved Sonic back in his 16-bit days, and whenever a new 3d Sonic is released, I really want it to be good. The previews look great, then the reviews come in and despite the low scores, I ignore them and buy the game. Of course, it doesn’t take long for me to realize Sega still sticks with it’s floaty 3d controls and pits of instant death, once again abusing my nostalgia for the series. Generations was good… about half good.