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Nintendo decided that their new 3DS doesn’t need to include a charger. You know, for the rechargeable battery that is the power source of the system. Nintendo’s official reasoning is something along the lines of wanting to save money for the people who already have a previous version’s charger. So, what, they would have seriously raised the $200 price to reflect their cost of including a charger all the way up to $201? Yeah, the consumers will have to pay far more to obtain this additional item than Nintendo per unit, which makes me think that MAYBE, just maybe, Nintendo’s reasoning is that they want more money. I know, what a crazy thought!

I understand, you crazy corporations. You guys like to cut costs, but I think that this may be the first time a system will be sold without means to turn it on. There’s going to be a lot of people buying this as a gift for their kids who do not have a previous version, and I would be willing to bet that they won’t read the fine print on the boxes telling them they aren’t paying enough for their kids to play this system just through the purchase price.

So, a couple things. One, Nintendo, a video game system is a portal for people to buy and pay you lots of money for games, goods and services. They are not usually the main source for profit. You should let your consumers at least turn that portal on after buying it. And two, I worked for Nintendo’s customer service department once upon a time, and this is definitely one of those things you’ll be getting a lot of calls about. This Christmas there will be more than a few callers that will blame Nintendo for ruining Christmas.


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