Losing Creediblity

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128_dxp_mscSad but this seems to be the only concern Ubisoft has with Assassin’s Creed games these days. They lost me aft AC3 with how buggy and just downright boring it was compared to the earlier games. Watching the reviews and humorous glitches on the series entries following that game has been more entertaining than if I had kept playing them.


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This Stain Won’t Come Out!

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There are probably all sorts of reasons that Konami is quitting the big budget, console/PC market that the public will never really know. One thing is for certain- it’s making a lot of people upset. In the meantime, the spiritual successor to Castlevania, called Bloodstained, has a kickstarter going at the moment. It is headed by Koji Igarashi, the father of Castlevania. If you  have been waiting for a full fledged console Castlevania, I suggest pledging. You could also pledge just because you like to  be a decent human being.


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