Family Traditions

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E3 always has some exciting new things, but there’s also the excitement of seeing an update to a game that you thought would never come out. Square Enix has this odd faith that Tetsuya Nomura can still produce a game, but we all know after he does some designs for 10 years, Square Enix will pass those games off to a director that actually does something and then it’s only a quick 3 year wait from there!


E3 Roundup

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I can’t really complain that much about this year’s E3 since it was primarily focused on games, unlike last year which talked a lot about new hardware and the services they could provide us. The most sad thing about E3 2014 was how obvious it was that Bioware hasn’t made much headway with the new Mass Effect even though it’s been over 2 years since the last one.