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I know Capcom and Street Fighter V aren’t the worst when it comes to DLC and micro-transactions, but I stay away from most games are that covered in it. No matter how much content I actually get when paying full price for a game, I don’t like every single menu to remind me of what else I can purchase for the game I payed full price for.


Kickstarting a Dream

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84_dxp_msc - 980Being a huge Mega Man fan my whole life, seeing the announcement for Mighty No.9 brought on so many feelings about games and my past I forgot I had. I’m sure when Mega Man found out the news he had some feelings too, I can only imagine what the folks at Capcom are thinking about how well the Kickstarter is going.

If your a fan of Mega Man or any of Keiji Inafune’s games please show your support!